Gitra is a Georgian company that advises Italian and European companies in Georgia.
A country often underestimated by the world market but with great potential.
It is strategically located on the demarcation line that separates Europe from Asia, considered the passage in its area of the historic trade route known as the Silk Road. Our administrative and legal office is located in the city of Kutaisi, the commercial one in the capital, Tbilisi. We are a very active and dynamic team. Our team includes professionals who speak Italian, Georgian and English. The name Gitra manifests the will to put the 2 countries in economic and cultural relation: Georgia (G), Italy (I), trading (TRA).



The Country

Georgia is one of the most active economic centers in the Eastern European region. With a liberal fiscal environment and significant opportunities for foreign investment, it provides a favorable business environment.
At the crossroad of Europe and Asia, Georgia shares borders with Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia.
The country occupies an area of 69,700 square kilometers and the population is 4 million people.
During the last two decades, Georgia has made several reforms that have allowed political and economic transformation. It has strengthened its democracy and its relations with the European Union (EU). Georgia has also made the development of activities within the country an absolute priority, encouraging entrepreneurship, attracting private investment and increasing tax incentives, thus positioning itself as an attractive option for international business. With its unique cultural heritage and exuberant hospitality, Georgia’s tourism industry continues to thrive, further strengthening economic growth.


The Georgian economy in 2017 registered a GDP growth of 4.8%. Georgia has free trade regimes with countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States and Turkey, has already signed free trade agreements with the EU (DCFTA), the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) states and China, and negotiations are currently underway for free trade with India. According to the forecasts of the International Monetary Fund, Georgia will maintain economic growth around 4-5.5% in 2018-2021.

International Classifications

Georgia has improved its status as a free economy thanks to its fiscal policy, regulatory efficiency and open market policies.
According to the World Bank’s Doing Business 2018 report, Georgia ranks 9th for “ease of doing business” among 190 economies, 4th for “ease to start business” and 4th for “ease of registering property”.
In 2019 Fitch Ratings improved the default rating of Georgia’s foreign currency issuer to “BB” with a positive Outlook. Georgia remains the least corrupt country in the region. Georgia has conventions to avoid double taxation with 52 countries.

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

Based on the preliminary data, FDI in 2017 increased by 16.2%.
The growth of foreign investments in the building and hotel and restaurant sectors has accelerated by 114% and 58%.
Direct foreign investments are expected to remain high at least until 2020, favored by two factors: Chinese road and rail investments that plan to connect with new long-distance trade routes (increasing traffic through Turkey, Azerbaijan and the United States). Iran) and foreign investors seeking to operate on a low tax regional base.

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